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Speaking Engagements

We’ve had the opportunity to learn from world leaders in their respective fields and we’ve applied that knowledge in our own. We love sharing this experience with audiences who are dedicated to expanding their knowledge. Contact us today if you’d like us to come to your organization, club or non-profit and speak on a range of topics from our fields of expertise.

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Our areas of expertise span a number of topics. While a sampling of our specific talks are listed, please inquire about any of these topics.

  • Proposals & Proposal Management
  • Business Development & Marketing
  • Web Design & Graphic Design
Proposal Lone Ranger Speaking Series
Mastering Teams: Moving from Second Fiddle to Maestro

Learn how to work with each person’s different workflow styles, how to get your team excited about the project, and how to deliver you project on your schedule.

Building Blocks: Adapting Proposal Best Practices

In this interactive presentation, learn how to adapt company and best practices to fit the proposal you are working on.

Cookie Cutter to Unique: Developing Themes and Features

Learn how to develop clear persuasive themes and features to deliver a client-focused proposal!

It’s a Small World: Localizing Your Content

Learn how to use localization techniques to increase client focus of your proposal

Less is More: The Impact of an Effective Bidding Process

Learn in this interactive workshop how to evaluate an RFP for signs that it should be a no-bid

Proposals at the Speed of Light: Capture Planning for Fast Response Proposals

Learn research and interview techniques to develop an effective capture plan for short-fuse proposals.

The Proposal Lone Ranger – Managing Life as a Proposal Team of One

Learn techniques for adapting best practices to suit your environment, and improve effectiveness.

Proposal Time Management: The Path out of Chaos

Learn how to bring order to the chaos and use yours and your teams’ time more effectively.

Selling Your Team: The Art of Company Resumes

Learn how to craft a company resume that differentiates your team.

Selling your Experience: The Art of Company Project Profiles

Learn how to craft a project summary that differentiates your company.

Virtual Team Management

Learn how to effectively manage and create a cohesive virtual team.

Design Dynamics Speaking Series
The WordPress Environment

Learn the basics of getting around the WordPress interface as well as a few tips and tricks on how to make your workflow easier.

Wix or WordPress? Why hire a professional?

Learn the differences between platforms, why you would choose one over the other, and when you need to hire a professional.

Photoshop Fun for Everyone

Learn some tips and tricks on how to get Photoshop to work for you. Many of these can be used on proposals or to have some fun with your family reunions.

A Realistic View of SEO

What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization), how has it changed, how much do you need and many other questions are answered in this interactive topic.