Position you to win.

Business Development

Knowing how to communicate to your clients will position you to win business. Each sales tool, marketing piece, or qualifications statement is a stage in the business capture cycle. The proposal is the final stage—the last written piece in relationship building with your client.

JK Waldie & Associates will design a business development solution that fits your distinct business voice and processes. We’ll help you:

  • adapt best practices to fit your unique workflow,
  • craft messaging that is clear and client-focused,
  • frame the conversation so that you can offer your client real solutions, and
  • surpass the competition, and win the business.

By the time you arrive at the proposal stage, you are poised to win the work without writing another word. What’s our proof? Just ask our clients about our 80%-plus win ratio on proposals.

Business development services include

  • Marketing Collateral Development
  • Marketing Strategy and Planning
  • Capture Planning
  • Proposal Development and Management
  • Interview Presentation Development