JK Waldie & Associates is pleased to reopen for business today after being closed for six days as Hurricane Harvey tore through the Houston metro area and surrounding southeast Texas. With each of our JK Waldie & Associates team members safe and accounted for, our hearts go out to fellow Houstonites and Texans who have been affected by this disaster.

With an estimated $160 billion in damages, our community faces a colossal recovery effort. We know that all of us–especially those with deep roots in the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) industries–will be called upon to contribute to the restoration of our city and state infrastructures and services.

As we transition from rescue to recovery, JK Waldie & Associates stands shoulder-to-shoulder with our clients and our community, ready to begin the rebuilding process. As a full-service business communications and business development firm, we help companies communicate their strengths, reach the decision makers in their arenas, ask the right questions, prove their solutions, and develop their presentations, ensuring that they are well positioned to play a vital role in the rebuilding effort.

Contact us at 832-530-4456 or jeannette.waldie@jkwaldie.com.