It was great to see old friends and new at the record-breaking Bid & Proposal Con in New Orleans.  The sessions were educational and interesting, the 
Keynotes were inspiring, and the Ignite Talks were inspirational! 
Conference goers who attended Jeannette Waldie’s conference lecture learned  how to manage their teams, their proposals and their day-to-day workflow as a Proposal Lone Ranger. Then, as one of 11 presenters at today’s Morning Welcome and Ignite Talks, Jeannette shared how she learned to embrace “no” as a powerful tool in being recognized as a professional. Thanks to those, who came by our booth to enjoy conversation, salt water taffy, and enter our drawing.
Congratulations to our drawing winner, Lacy Pomarleau with RESPEC. She won a luxury Waterman Carene Amber Shimmer Fountain Pen.