A colleague of mine, Steve Stelmak (who is a great graphic artist) posted a great TED presentation on Facebook – Amy Cuddy: Your body language shapes who you are.  I found this TED Talk very compelling and contained great advice for anyone who needs to give a presentation. Over the years I have worked with many project managers who have to give a presentation as the final phase of a bid selection.  This can be nerve racking. First, there is not much time to preparing the presentation. Second, the project manager, although experienced in managing a project, is nervous about speaking. Third, there is usually a lot riding on the interview.  If the company doesn’t win and there is no other work in the pipeline, the project manager may have to let staff go. So there is a lot of pressure on these presentations.  It is a challenge to coach the presentation team to appear confidence and at ease. As Amy points out, our body language reflects how confident we feel. I can also relate to her message of “fake it until you become it.”  For a long time, I was terrified about speaking and felt a fraud.  But I treated each speaking event as if I was putting on a mask or a character like in my theatre days.  I now feel much more capable and confident when giving a presentation. I have now “become it.” So the next time you find yourself either giving a presentation or coaching a presentation team, give the power posing a try.  I bet you will find it makes a big difference.