LC SMRebranding You: Creating a Living CareerSM Workshop

Ready for a career that satisfies you? Do you want to change what you do but don’t know where to go from here? Could you use a framework to get from where you are today?

You are more than a personality test, and this workshop starts where tests leave off.  This three-part Living CareerSM workshop is a dynamic opportunity for you to create a career path that empowers and enlivens you. By understanding your strengths, accomplishments, and what you do that makes you feel alive, your path forward becomes clear. 

  • Session 1 uses visioning and other techniques to express your passion and strengths, and visualize what your dream job looks like.
  • Sessions 2 shows how to apply what you learned in Session 1 and use it to craft a resume that expresses the career you dream and demonstrates what you offer companies.
  • Session 3 gives you the tools and techniques to market your true skillset through introduction and follow-up techniques; and how to leverage networking tools such as LinkedIn.

Are you ready to rebrand you? Our next serices starts June 10th!  Register today!