JK Waldie & Associates

I have the pleasure of delivering my webinar, Proposals at the Speed of Light: Capture Planning for Fast-Response Proposals, to the APMP ANZ Chapter this evening (which will be mid-day for down-under)!  In the webinar, I share the techniques I’ve developed quickly to research intelligence on the prospective client and competitors to deliver winning proposals, even when my clients don’t have a capture plan.

One of the techniques I’ll be sharing is how to use LinkedIn to gather competitor intelligence effectively. By using the search tool to select companies or people, I can learn a lot about to a competitor’s differentiators, and what relationship they may have with my prospective client.

The key is to recognize that, with some forethought and practice, proposal professionals no longer have to rely on sales leads, client representatives, or project managers, to provide effective intelligence. What you need is just a click (or two) away!

Want to share these real-world proposal techniques with to your team, contact me at jeannette.waldie@jkwaldie.com or call 832.530.4456.