No ButtonYesterday, I decided to cancel the Power of No workshop scheduled for this coming Saturday and postpone the rest of the series. Saying no to myself, to my team, and the individuals who had registered was not an easy decision. But it was the right one.

I love the concept and approach we have developed for the Powerful Language Workshop series. Providing a resource for business owners and professionals to take their verbal communication to the next level is something I am passionate about. But as we continued with marketing and developing the workshop, I developed a nagging feeling that something was missing. We started to have issues with meeting logistics. I struggled with developing the workshop content, which is highly unusual for me. Other priorities kept popping up and pulling me away. It was showing in our registration numbers. Something was missing.

Colleagues and audience members who have attended my presentations or workshops, know I pride myself in delivering value-packed information. If I could not identify what was missing, could I deliver a workshop that met my standards and delivered real value? I realized the answer was no. That is why I cancelled Saturday’s workshop. Instead, I and my team will meet, brainstorm, identify what is missing, and reschedule the Powerful Language series within the next four months.

Saying no to Saturday’s workshop had an unexpected benefit. It brought me to a new appreciation of the Power of No. By saying no, I am now re-engaged in the workshop series. I am relaxed and free to focus on several outstanding matters that really needed attention. Instead of feeling discouraged, I am excited about what we can create to make the Powerful Language Workshop a real game changer for small business owners and professionals who want to influence the world.

So stay tuned and keep in touch. Tell me what would help you take your communication skills to the next level. Your input will help us deliver a program that will make a difference.