As a business owner, I know how challenging it is to get it ‘all’ done. Even finding time to write this blog was a struggle and I love writing. For business executives and entrepreneurs who hate writing, finding time to develop effective and persuasive communication can be even more challenging. After all we tend to push aside those dreaded tasks until the last possible moment.


 Even for writers, facing a blank page or computer screen can be intimidating. For some reason, the minute we see that empty page, all those wonderful ideas go scattering out of our heads. What do I do to get the ideas flowing and avoid the blank page freeze? I talk!

 With smart phones, a good recording or dictation app is available at your fingertips. I used Dragon, a speech recognition software, to dictate my initial thought for this blog. (http://www.nuance.com/dragon/index.htm.) The app types out what I say, which I can then save to a cloud directory or send to myself. When I want to use my laptop, I use the speech recognition function included in Microsoft Explorer, which is located on the Control Panel. Dragon also makes a desktop version.

 When recording your thoughts don’t worry about grammar or punctuation. You just want to capture your thoughts and ideas. Then, when you edit the text version, you can reorganize your thoughts, edit and add punctuation. Starting with a recording is a great way to capture your ideas and makes valuable use of five spare minutes. Please don’t do this while driving. You want to keep focused on the road.

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