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One of my favorite sources for proposal processes suited for small proposal centers is Prop Library brought toCHECK you by Capture Planning. Recently they posted a great article on How to create checklist driven proposals that win  to manage your proposal. I find checklists particularly useful when I’m juggling multiple projects. My checklists can be as easy as a lined post-in note that I put on the front of the file each morning. That helps remind me of what needs to get done that day so things don’t fall between the cracks. I will use formal checklists for copy editing, quality control and other repeatable functions. I also use my compliance matrix as a checklist to monitor status of each section and its compliance level. Thanks to my colleagues at Keystone Resources, I was recently introduced to Basecamp, a cloud-based project management that is built around “to-dos.” It uses emails to remind your team of deadlines and has apps for most smart phones. The cost is in line with Dropbox paid service. I now have several clients who use it as well to manage their projects.  If your small business or department is looking for a great project management system, I highly recommend Basecamp.