MC900434447[1]I had so much fun talking with the APMP Commercial Community, I’m speaking again. This time it will be in person at the APMP Greater Houston Chapter on Wednesday, April 2nd. Topic is: “Mastering Team Management: Moving from Second Fiddle to Maestro.” Here’s the link:

Synopsis: Creating a proposal is a collaborative process. But professionals often become second fiddle, delegated to coordinating input from independent and disparate team members, such as sales, technical staff, consultants, subcontractors, and estimators. The team has no focus and deadlines are ignored.

Just as you write a proposal to persuade the client to give your team the contract, you need to persuade your team to follow your process and give you the content you need when you need it. How? By working with their personalities, their hot buttons, their learning styles, and their internal issues! Learn how to work with each person’s different workflow styles, how to get your team excited about the project, and how to deliver you project on your schedule. Become a Maestro of all the instruments at your disposal.