Have you ever had your proposal review become a popularity contest? Where everyone from your project manager on up wants to review and comment on the document? Ideally, you’ll be able to restrict the number of reviewers and they will work in secession in performing the review. But what do you do when your multiple reviewers submit their comments independently and you suddenly have five, six or more sets of redlines you have to incorporate? Having found myself in this situation countless times, I developed a process of incorporating the comments.Remember you are the editor. You have a say in what edits apply and what gets ignored. Particularly pay attention to edits that result in changes to a standard term or to all sections. Do not incorporate any change unless it makes sense and improves the document. You also have the right to edit the edit. Often a comment will spark an idea of how to say it even better!Develop a review hierarchy.  Whose comments are the most important:  the project manager or the company president? Who is the most influential or most knowledgeable after them?  Or, who understands how to write proposals best or know how to improve readability? Then stack the redline documents in order with the most important on top. Start incorporating the edits as they apply. As you go down the stack, more and more of the edits will be redundant or not applicable.Do review all the comments. It can be a great way to catch typos or errors you missed. Although many will catch the same error, each reviewer will find something that others missed, including you! Also, develop a marking system to indicate the redline comment has been incorporated. Some like to use highlighters. I like to use a different color pen and put a check mark or “stet” over the comment as applicable.  If you are working in a PDF, with a right mouse click you can select “set status” and notate how you treated the edit.If you receive an edit that doesn’t make sense or leads to a major change in strategy, discuss it with the reviewer. The problem may be your message isn’t coming through clear enough. The conversation can help you identify the problem and develop a solution.So the next time you find a stack of redlines in front of you, don’t panic. Put on your editor’s cap and use them to make your proposal even better!