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At JK Waldie & Associates, we are passionate about writing. We help companies like yours harness the power of the written word to grow your business. From your company’s strategic positioning statement, to your white papers, marketing brochures, blog posts and even emails, every piece of business communication is an integral part of your story—the story that sets you apart from your competitors, makes you unique in all the world, and positions you to win the business.

Proposal Management

Need help managing your proposals without adding to your staff? We deliver immediate and measurable results as your on-demand proposal team. We can provide support either virtually or on-site – whichever suits your budget and your proposal.

Proposal Team Support

You have a great proposal team, but they are overwhelmed with too many proposals. We provide full proposal support when your staff is already engaged. We work with your systems, adapt to your model, and support your workflow. Plug us in when you need us.

Proposal Collateral

Each proposal includes information about your company, your experience, and your team. When properly managed and maintained, this data can be reused, saving time and money in preparation. Let us turn these documents into a professionally written document library and help you maintain it.

Training & Coaching Experts

Too often companies and their marketing or proposal department learn how to do proposals on the fly. Help your sales, technical and proposal staff take their game to the next level. JK Waldie has been training thousands of proposal professionals around the world for over 12 years. We offer training solutions that fit your proposal department and your budget, whether it is a webinar, a keynote presentation, or as a workshop as part of your training retreat. All our training is customizable to meet your team’s needs and fits your existing processes, so your staff can be successful.

The added benefit? Your staff will learn techniques they can immediately implement from one of the world’s top experts in proposal management and team dynamics.

We Express You to the World.

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